I drew this little house just for fun and it ended up inspiring the entire design!
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12/25/05 Stockings
12/18/05 Feel like crap
12/11/05 Car alarm busted
12/04/05 Ringtone
11/27/05 Big boobs
11/20/05 Weight loss
11/13/05 Slut g/f
11/6/05 The more you buy...
10/29/05 Halloween costume
10/23/05 Train of thought
10/17/05 Eat out
10/13/05 Clogged toilet
10/09/05 Cat sitting
10/06/05 Oreo
10/04/05 Selling the house #2
10/02/05 Selling the house
9/29/05 Dealing with shit
9/25/05 Sweet and Sappy
9/22/05 Thinking about boobs
9/18/05 What are you thinking? Still...
9/17/05 Democratic Party
9/15/05 Got kids?
9/13/05 Thinking about?
9/5/05 Friction Wound
8/31/05 Wedgie
8/28/05 Shorts
8/23/05 I Drink
8/21/05 New Jersey sucks
8/17/05 Iran nukes
8/14/05 Death wish?
8/11/05 Alien Mating experiment 2
8/09/05 Alien mating experiment
8/01/05 Large panties
7/28/05 Pet Rock
7/25/05 Being a dick
7/17/05 Massage
7/12/05 Pigtails
7/10/05 News Stories
7/06/05 Shitty Job 2
7/03/05 Shitty Job
6/29/05 SplasherBug
6/26/05 Big ass joke
6/22/05 Try to behave
6/2/05 Big juggs at the party
5/30/05 Before model
5/25/05 CAPS LOCK
5/22/05 Little Kitten
5/15/05 Whiskey dick
5/11/05 Snorkeling
5/8/05 Effective ads
5/5/05 Don't like new job
5/1/05 Every Sunday
4/29/05 WWJD?
4/26/05 Beer gene
4/24/05 Surprise party
4/21/05 Cat inheritance
4/19/05 Smart Cat
4/17/05 Worst Day Ever
4/13/05 I want cash
4/10/05 Multiple Suns
4/7/05 Vodka lakes
4/5/05 Alien Peace Message
4/3/05 Alien Greeting
3/30/05 Nebraska, exciting Nebraska
3/27/05 Hidden Easter Eggs
3/24/05 New bed
3/20/05 Management job
3/17/05 Eggplant
3/13/05 Ballectomy
  Squirt the cat
  Hot tub
  Blowin the piece of shit lawnmower
  Forgot Valentine's Day
  Round carbs for breakfast
  Motel rate
  Fan Art Spectacular!
  What's for lunch
  Double Drinking
  Computer and tv together
  Band Gear
  Multiple chores for the unemployed
  Malibu Rum
  New swear words
  Help desk documentation
  CA seasons - proper attire
  Dinner plans?
  New Year

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