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12/31/06 New Year's Eve
12/24/06 Milk and cookies or scotch whisky?
12/17/06 Christmas surprise
12/11/06 A reused tree
12/3/06 Deaf
11/26/06 Tryptophan
11/11/06 Holy Socks
11/5/06 Talk radio
10/28/06 Angel of Death
10/23/06 Cat poop
10/17/06 Laughed pretty hard
10/8/06 210 pounds of awesome
10/2/06 Annual check up
9/23/06 That time we were drunk...?
9/16/06 E. coli...?
9/11/06 Walk to bar
9/3/06 Printer repair
8/27/06 Allergies
8/20/06 The Pause
8/12/06 Pantsed
8/6/06 Lip balm
7/31/06 Sex on the beach
7/22/06 Equal opportunity drunk
7/15/06 Ox and Rabbit
7/9/06 Ed's computer repair
7/2/06 Romantic sunset
6/25/06 New shaver
6/11/06 'Tini Toes' - Tini Toes part II
6/4/06 Pharmacist
5/27/06 Hello, my name is...
5/20/06 Turn signal
5/7/06 Diet (still)
4/30/06 Paper Crown
4/23/06 Diet?
4/16/06 Easter
4/09/06 Birthday present
4/01/06 April Fool's
3/26/06 Lumpy and Little Debbie
3/18/06 St. Patrick's Day
3/12/06 Phone sex
3/5/06 Facial
3/1/06 High fiber diet
2/19/06 Tongue ring
2/12/06 Captain Morgan
2/06/06 All U Can Drink
1/29/06 Over-served
1/22/06 George Thorogood
1/15/06 Inebriated... not drunk
1/8/06 Red Bull and vodka
1/1/06 Mistletoe

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Methyphobia is fear of alcohol.