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12/30/07 Snowman needs transportation
12/25/07 Winter in Wisconsin
12/2/07 A funny cartoon?
11/25/07 Work is tiring
11/10/07 Andy is Super!!!!!!!!
11/4/07 Dating is not cost-effective
10/28/07 Happy Halloween
10/21/07 Motivational poster
10/14/07 Bug glasses
10/7/07 Water cooler
9/30/07 Going to the gym...
9/23/07 Idiot or Dummy
9/16/07 Lightbulb change gone wrong
9/9/07 Handyman
9/2/07 Foreman
8/26/07 Eternity
8/19/07 Shaved head
8/12/07 Funny bone
8/5/07 Everyone loves Button better...
7/29/07 Rush songs
7/22/07 Fattening food...
7/15/07 Another tech support call...
7/8/07 Getting home in style...
7/1/07 Women suck
6/24/07 Men suck
6/17/07 Drunken promise
6/10/07 Laptop dropped
6/3/07 Rush tickets
5/28/07 Great idea for a cartoon...
5/20/07 New hairdo
5/13/07 Rachel Ray is annoying
5/6/07 Tyra dream...
4/29/07 PC Problems
4/22/07 Online porn
4/15/07 Dehydrated
4/8/07 Easter present
4/1/07 April Fool's!
3/25/07 Greatest invention in history
3/18/07 Magic fix for PC's
3/11/07 St. Patrick's Day
3/4/07 Rubik's cube
2/25/07 Bluetooth headset
2/17/07 Omelettes
2/11/07 Cup size
2/4/07 Superbowl
1/28/07 Mountain climbing is dangerous
1/21/07 Clothes?
1/14/07 Playing hard to get...
1/7/07 Not a hang-over...

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