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12/30/10 New Year's Resolution
12/27/10 Chug Life
12/19/10 Nose picker
12/12/10 Hot, Thick and Chunky
12/5/10 Drunk on Krypton
11/28/10 The best place to buy 2 gallons of mayo
11/26/10 Doorbusters
11/21/10 Thanksgiving Turkey
11/14/10 Facebook status
11/7/10 Poop in the morning
10/31/10 Happy Halloween!
10/28/10 Halloween Fan Art!
10/23/10 Blister
10/17/10 Ketchup rules my world!
10/10/10 Bluetooth headsets look retarded
10/3/10 Peanuts tribute
9/25/10 Water weenies
9/19/10 Dirty undies
9/12/10 Loob the toobs
8/22/10 Go eat some fucking rainbows
8/15/10 Whacked out client requests
8/10/10 To sleep, perchance to pinball...
8/8/10 Gigolo bidness
7/31/10 Any (donut) hole in a storm
7/25/10 Big jug love
7/18/10 Jon Lord rocks a metal mashing keyboard
7/11/10 All work and no play sucks
7/4/10 Show your love of the USA by blowing a part of it up
6/30/10 Oldie ommie for the mommy
6/26/10 Oldie, moldy, ommie
6/26/10 iPhone 4 reception issues?
6/24/10 Vuvuzela bandwagon
6/20/10 Half full or half empty
6/13/10 Cat ladies get up way too early
6/9/10 Crappy present
6/6/10 Why the hell do hand deliver emails?
6/2/10 Buried in the sand and kinda thirsty
5/30/10 Pie charts aren't good tasting
5/23/10 Woke up in something pink...
5/19/10 Porcelain lover
5/15/10 Crash on your couch?
5/12/10 Karate shoes
5/8/10 I totally wrecked my mom's chair on mother's day. Yay me.
5/5/10 Nap time failure
5/1/10 Some new old shit
4/28/10 Kick Out The Jams, Mother Fuckers!!!!!!!!
4/25/10 Funny or frightened?
4/21/10 Foooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!
4/17/10 How babe Ruth did it
4/14/10 Doorway to paradise
4/11/10 Tea Party
4/8/10 Pork Chop hates to cook
4/4/10 The Easter Bunny lOves Chocolate
3/31/10 Ridiculous sales term
3/27/10 I need a bailout from bailouts
3/21/10 Fuck Mondays
3/20/10 No paparazzi for me
3/18/10 "Lost" wraps up with an 80's style ending
3/13/10 A mouth soooooooo dry...
3/7/10 I Like Big Butts and I Can't Deny It
2/27/10 Ghostly Economy
2/21/10 The Goodwill has it all
2/14/10 You can't eat thoughts for breakfast
2/6/10 Gold digger
1/31/10 Pizza Overload
1/23/10 Not because it tastes good.
1/17/10 Fix dinner
1/10/10 I was told it was IBS.
1/3/10 Pork Chop's PC Repair
1/1/10 Dig out the throwback flannel.

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Methyphobia is fear of alcohol