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12/30/12 Fucking Amateurs
12/26/12 Cat shit
12/22/12 Happy Holidays!
12/16/12 The ultimate jam song
12/9/12 Cat puke - a multifaceted gift
12/2/12 All we need is a warm body
11/29/12 Not quite ready to put a fork in this year...
11/25/12 Heat Stroke
11/23/12 Black Friday
11/17/12 Jam night
11/11/12 Made in China
11/4/12 Daylight Saving Time Sucks Balls
11/1/12 Shitty
10/28/12 Happy Halloween!
10/24/12 Junkyard camo
10/21/12 Beware of God
10/14/12 Blame your greed? No way!
10/10/12 Undecided idiots
10/7/12 My nippes hurt
10/2/12 Facebook politics
9/23/12 Apple Maps
9/22/12 Honey Poo Poo
9/16/12 Look before you leak
9/9/12 Bass players are mellow
9/2/12 Signs she's not interested in you....
8/26/12 Impulsive
8/19/12 Pick a winner
8/12/12 McFartin
8/5/12 How far are you willing to travel for work?
7/29/12 Sell that old P.O.S.!
7/22/12 Fat guy options
7/15/12 The church of perpetual disappointment. 
7/7/12 Beer is better than sex....?
7/2/12 Headache
6/27/12 Dragons
6/24/12 Keep Calm And Make Me A Sandwich
6/19/12 So You Think You Can Sew
6/17/12 Rockstar strength cream
6/10/12 Enough George Takei already!
6/3/12 Optimist
5/28/12 Typing skills
5/19/12 Employee discount on bacon
5/14/12 Foiled again!
5/9/12 Hand jobs
5/6/12 Scream
4/29/12 Spotify
4/21/12 Sure You Can Have My Facebook Password!
4/17/12 Drink recipes #1: Long Island Iced Tea
4/10/12 Stop the Presses!
4/8/12 Easter 2112
4/6/12 Fish Oil
4/4/12 Titanic Re-Released
4/1/12 Listen to the Frosting
3/25/12 Having A Cranky Asshole Leads To Being A Cranky Asshole
3/18/12 Scary phone call
3/11/12 Fast Food Mecca
3/4/12 Applesauce gets a new hairdo!
2/26/12 Needless to say, Pork Chop's legs also fell asleep....
2/19/12 Now With More Chocolate!
2/12/12 Waffle vending machine
2/5/12 Paging Ensign Red Shirt
1/29/12 Bacon + Snow = Paradise
1/22/12 Big Foot: The King of All Pranksters
1/15/12 Facebook Wall: Doggie Style
1/8/12 Facebook Sucks Donkey Balls
1/1/12 Shitty year ahead

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