I drew this little house just for fun and it ended up inspiring the entire design!
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What is Liquid Medication?, you ask
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Read what people are saying about Liquid Medication:

"Their hands are funky!. Their like circles with little circles." - Adrienne

"it's good........ to FINALLY see a cartoon that has five digits on his hand!!!!!!!!!! - Heather

I found them funny and I am Spongie'ssister...Hope that doesnt make ME demented.- Spongie's sister

"He's holding a drink in every single cartoon." - Debbie

"Do you like martini's?" - Chris

"The hands are very disturbing." - Linda

"Their hands aren't attached!" - Betty

"Their fingers and hands are round and aren't attached. Very weird." - Tanya

"I posted your comics all over my cube. People can't walk by without sniggering". - Laura

"I checked out the comics this morning (I don't usually read them) and lo and behold, your cartoon strips blow them all away." - Pork Chop's mom

"I domed your new site: Quality. I'm looking forward to peepin mad cartoons." - Jamie

I spend a lot of time working on these cartoons and would appreciate you sharing them with everyone you know. The caveat is that you do not steal my intellectual property or use the cartoons for profit in any way. Got that punk?
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