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12/26/08 Got vodka?
12/21/08 Merry Christmas!
12/20/08 It's a Christmas Card
12/14/08 A better way to drunk dial
12/07/08 Anything interesting behind bar?
11/30/08 Magic pill?
11/28/08 GPS
11/23/08 Breakfast of Champions!
11/16/08 Bad fruit
11/9/08 Need a ride
11/7/08 Camping
11/2/08 More drums than are needed for Yellow Submarine
10/25/08 Happy Halloween!
10/19/08 Quitter quit quitting
10/12/08 Blood tests
10/5/08 ANDY for President!
9/28/08 Tornado!
9/21/08 Cougar attack
9/14/08 A drink is Lost In Space
9/7/08 Circus animal cookie madness!
8/31/08 Give to Needy
8/24/08 Under new management
8/17/08 Weeds
8/9/08 Lemonade stand
8/3/08 Adding veggies to the diet...
7/27/08 Hiking
7/20/08 Pay raise!
7/13/08 ANDY drumming
7/6/08 Think outside the box
7/4/08 Fireworks
6/29/08 Wrong number
6/22/08 Hoops
6/15/08 Button in a wig
6/8/08 Bug spray
6/1/08 Banana phone
5/25/08 Report card
5/18/08 Lunch Tray
5/10/08 Happy Mother's Day!
5/4/08 Farmer
4/27/08 Log rides
420 Syrup cologne
4/13/08 Hot guy for Jenn
4/6/08 Massive life changes
3/30/08 April Fool's!
3/23/08 Hoppy Easter!
3/16/08 The perfect food
3/9/08 Alien insurance
3/2/08 Call in drunk
2/24/08 Graffiti
2/17/08 Call in sick
2/10/08 Help desk caller needs to check mirror for cause of problem
2/3/08 Alcohol, skateboards and bad judgement
1/27/08 Ed-justments
1/20/08 Date kit
1/13/08 Guitar playing
1/6/08 Costco shopper

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Methyphobia is fear of alcohol